chefsThere are so many of you who have looked upon FLOC to make your child’s first birthday, wedding, anniversary parties and many other special events into a very memorable one with the help of our cakes. Many of you may also be wondering how FLOC was created? What our story is? Who we are? Today, I’m going to share with you the journey of FLOC and its key players.

FLOC was started by me (Avani Malhotra), an entrepreneur at heart, a Masters in Psychology and chocolate lover and my super-talented, ex-financial consultant, now chef-in-training, younger sister, Akriti Malhotra (lovingly referred to as Aku throughout the rest of this post). I know, I know, that’s quite a combination, huh?

Well, FLOC really started as a hobby for me. I loved to bake back then, just as much as I love to bake now. I was always the one to make the birthday cakes for our friends, my family, and close family friends. After school, I worked as a Psychologist in a hospital; I also helped my father with our family business for a while. Six jobs later, at the not-so-tender age of 24, I realized, the one thing that did bring me joy was baking. That was really when the idea of creating FLOC was born in my head.

I had taken a decision to leave my 9 to 5 office job and Aku had decided to leave her job at Ernst & Young and chuck those GMAT prep books out of the window. All hell broke loose in our house. Our parents were skeptical at first, but nevertheless, they stood by us. Making that initial jump was one of the hardest decisions of my life, but what made it easy was the sheer joy I felt when I woke up in the mornings knowing that I will be spending my time doing something that I love. Nothing beats that feeling.

Aku and I had a mutual vision for FLOC – we didn’t merely want to create products that were visually appealing and delicious to taste. Our mission, our goal, was to cater to the clients’ needs and never stop innovating.

On August 8th, 2011, For the Love of Cake (also known as, FLOC , Side Note: Aku gets all credits for the name) was officially created in our house in South Delhi. Our small business started with selling cakes to our closest friends, family, family friends, and co-workers. And I want to thank all of our friends and family for their support at the beginning of this venture (and most crucial stage, in my opinion) because not only did they buy the cakes, many a times, they were also the ones who stayed up all night helping us make their cakes for them.

Our key players :

THE GRANNY – Her constant presence allows cakes to be delivered and advance to be collected at the oddest hours , so all of you out there , thank her for that :P. Our ever-cheerful grand mum can often be seen around the workshop , pushing her walker through narrow spaces to come check out the more major cakes.

Chief Mother  – You guys know how life doesn’t work smoothly without one of these . Constant support , hygiene freak and second-in-charge – she’s the make or break factor behind FLOC.

Office support – While my mother has sacrificed her house and her storage , my father has sacrificed his office space and his peace of mind. In charge of advance collection for Barakhamba, the CEO of a major company doesn’t only collect advance payments but is many times seen delivering the cakes till the client’s car too :P.

Step-in Accountant – Well no he doesn’t have the degree but he has the brains – FLOC being a major pain in his ass cause that’s how terrible I’m at accounts and he often claims he’s the only reason I’m not rotting away in jail thanks to my horrible accounting skills. He takes payments only in forms of cakes for ALLL his friends’ birthdays.

Technical Support – Now where would we be without this. Not only has he made this gorgeous website at no cost, the constant upkeep of it and my middle of the night calls are my brother’s worst nightmare. Also , my official taster.

The Best Friends – Listening to the crying and the cribbing , the editing of photos , agreeing to the constant demands to carry  cake samples from abroad and sampling different cakes despite constantly cribbing about being fat are some of the reasons , why, we at FLOC absolutely , totally , completely love them.

My amazing, amazing staff – From my mom’s head chef to the woman who cleans the house to my mom’s driver and so many of them in between , their help is not only invaluable , its essential. They’ve seen the late nights, the super early mornings and the crazy afternoons with us and all with a big smile.

After multiple pages full of hardships that we shall ignore for now, here we are. So what’s the recipe to making FLOC, you ask? Unending support from the Malhotra family and friends, determination, ambition, and a little bit of love and sugar.

Lastly, some parting words from both Aku and I. “We are glad we followed our passion. For the first time we understood that ambition grew from passion. It’s still not easy and there is a long way to go, but we will get there. Hope you continue in this journey with us :):).”

With love,

Avani (Founder and Chief Baking Officer, Design Diva, FLOC)